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About the Game 

Built on Unreal Engine, Rising Fire features photo-realistic near-field and far-field dynamic visual effects.


An innovative new PC online TPS featuring RPG elements and a compelling storyline to bring the console experience to online players. 

Player Classes


+ kinds of AI/Boss

+ Weapon Parts


Built on Unreal Engine, Rising Fire features photo-realistic near-field and far-field dynamic visual effects. The game uses hostile and friendly artificial intelligence-controlled non-player characters, or NPCs, to dynamically balance the battles between teams. We expect the more balanced game play to reduce the high churn rates that typify online shooter games.

Rising Fire is currently under development in both PC and console formats. Rising Fire benefits from the lessons that we learned from feedback we received from players of MARS for more than three years.
A prototype of Rising Fire (then called project Mercury) was showcased by Microsoft on their newest console (Xbox One) during the 2014 China Joy game show and garnered significant interest.
• Axion Ventures has made its first Break Through Product with Tencent which is Rising Fire, a PC online (and console) shooting RPG
• Rising Fire IS Tencent’s current marque launch product
• Rising Fire was featured in the number one position in Tencent’s 2016 annual event.
• Tencent currently has Chinese PC rights. Rights outside China currently available.
• Rising Fire is in Alpha and testing with 1-day retention of over 85% and 5- day retention of over 50%

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In the near future, for some unknown reason, an alien fleet arrived earth. They claimed to be refugee who seeking asylum. They call themselves Shaia.
Shaia were detained in some barren reservations. By trading technology with human government, they get limited supply. Been oppressed for decades, Shaia finally tired of human’s greedy, and started the war.
With much more advanced weapons and bio-tech, though outnumbered, Shaia barely beat human.
The left human armed forces revived some super soldiers, they were part of former cooperation program with Shaia, and were enhanced with alien bio technology. Those super soldiers are the last hope for human being to reclaim earth.

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Player will play a super soldier who holds a variety of combat missions.
Player gain experience from the combat and level up to unlock new skills and talents.
By complete mission or loot from combat, player can get resources and advanced gears.
Player can forge their own gears or customize the existing gears with those resources.
With collocated skill/talent/gear, player will be able to face the ultimate challenge of the boss fight.

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Watch Game Trailer here at


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