Innovega is a reality lens company with offices in Bellevue, Washington and San Diego, California. The accelerating capabilities of smartphones and artificial intelligence create the basis for new mobile computing and interfaces. The fixed size and small smartphone screen restricts experiences and is the reason why tablet sales have sky-rocketed. Eyewear displays offer the potential for large virtual screens but so far have demanded the wearer accept either the VR, “box on your face”, or the Google Glass-like solution that offered a minimal experience. Both failed to meet consumers’ simple expectation of big, exciting media from simple, stylish glasses.

Innovega glasses system delivers an ability to simultaneously view the real-world while blending with digital media, keeping both fully in focus. The user’s natural vision is enhanced by wearing personalized and disposable bi-focal contact lenses that stream media from microdisplays that are fitted into normal-looking glasses.

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Innovega Visualizing the digital world