Game Academy

Great creators are hard to come by. It takes time, energy, and money to find good talent and to make sure that talent fits within the system we work with at Axion. With this in mind, we created the Game Academy to not only weed out those not fit for the world of game development, but also make sure each graduate fits into our system as well as the framework of prominent developers globally. With over 90% of our graduates moving on to immediately receive jobs within the game development sector, we can confidently say we know what to look for and how to build the best talent from the ground up.

Utilizing our access to industry leading software and practices, we have designed curricula for designers, artists and programmers which enables them to become masters of their craft. Through years of trial and error and carefully tweaking our curricula as times have changed, with the aim of expanding the horizons of where the video game market is headed, we are certain our curricula for designers, artists and programmers are the best not only in China but throughout the world. While theory is important, we take the approach that hands-on training helps students learn what actually matters, and present them with real-world examples encountered by our own game studios, furthering the students’ abilities to get hired by leading studios (including Axion group studios) upon graduating.