Axia.Life is building the first completely digital full-stack customer-to-capital markets insurance company. Axia.Life is poised to disrupt a multitrillion-dollar industry and seeks to become a leading insurance and wealth management company throughout Asia Pacific. The team’s extensive industry expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology enables Axia.Life to offer a unique value proposition that:

  • On the customer side, empowers people and organizations with the easiest and fastest way to discover, quote and purchase affordable, comprehensive and highly customizable insurance online anytime, anywhere.
  • On the capital markets side, creates a new attractive diversifying asset class under the insurance-linked securities (ILS) category.

Our innovative concept is structured to generate revenue at both ends of the capital management value chain. On the front end, Axia.Life is a digital direct insurer expected to generate revenue through insurance premiums. On the back end, Axia.Life is a fund management company transferring insurance risk directly to the capital markets, which is expected to generate revenue through management and performance fees. Axia.Life’s unique risk-management technology seamlessly connects the two ends in a manner not seen anywhere before.